Friday, June 11, 2010


Assalamulaikum....salam muhibbah...salam satu Malaysia..

Pagi nie aku nak kongsi ngan korang rancangan tv yang paling digemari oleh Umai sejak bulan lepas iaitu Mei 2010....


Layan citer nie memang menghiburkan...Sehingga aku dah dapat hafal masa rancangan ini bersiaran....sekurang-kurangnya...dapatlah aku menyiapkan aktiviti mengemas dan membasuh,,,

Jom kita lihat waktu siaran rancangan timmy time :-

Jam 9.00 pagi- 9.30 pagi
Chaneel 613 (Play Houses Disney)

Kongsi info sedikit...(thanks for yahoo)

Timmy - adorable he may be but he's a little lamb with a lot to learn...

Being an 'only lamb in the flock' Timmy has been used to getting his own way. Now for the first time Timmy is going to have to learn to get along with other little animals.

Timmy is going to Nursery!

Self-willed and naughty Timmy is going to have to learn how to share things with other youngsters and think about their feelings - not just his.

Timmy is a gifted little footballer who needs to learn that it's not enough to kick the ball - you have to pass it too.

Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl, who run the Nursery are going to have their hands full, butTimmy gets it right in the end with a little help from his friends of the furry, feathery and spiky type.

The Nursery

The Setting

The Nursery that Timmy goes to, nestles in gentle rolling hills. Cosily housed in some old farm buildings, it's a safe, secure location.

Each day the youngsters go to Nursery on the Walking Bus, led by Osbourne Owl with Harriet Heron bringing up the rear. Carrying satchels and lunchboxes they energetically bounce a long, with bleats, quacks, oinks and various other animal sounds filling the air.

Osbourne Owl and Harriet Heron are the teachers who run the Nursery. Nursery days are a unique mix of activities such as painting, making music, building with blocks, all punctuated by playtime, naptime, and snack time etc.

Basic lessons include the three 'R's...

The Three R's
  • Reading - farm signs and pizza menus (all pictorial)
  • Righting - getting back on your feet when you've fallen over
  • Rithmetic - adding up using familiar items such as lettuce, apples etc

The Nursery day is a recognizable, relatable affair, for a Pre-School audience and their parents, with the funny twist that Timmy and his friends go to their own Nursery for Little Animals.

Timmy and Mittens

The Stories

Each Episode will follow a day in the life of Timmy and his friends in Nursery. The daily routine is usually disrupted when Timmy or one of the class is naughty, or over inquisitive, or sibling rivalry erupts. For the young animals it's all in the day to day experience of learning about life, friendship and trial and error.

Timmy is the central character and the stories revolve around him. Storylines are strong but simple enough to be told without dialogue using a unique combination of expressive character animation, gesture and reactions, comedy and slapstick, Baahs, quacks and oinks etc.

Timmy can be a bit of a handful only because he's eager and enthusiastic. In each Episode he will learn something about himself and his friends as well as the days' activities.

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